Saturday, 22 January 2011

Question 15. £1m cost of Doctors Doing Nothing!

This is what someone said on Stuarts Blog.

“How can someone be a minister and entrusted with education sport & culture who can't even form a coherent or indeed intelligible sentence?”

Well below is our Minister for Health & you can say the same. This was one of her better performances, Start’s out ok put when she has finished reading out the prepared statement & has to answer questions on the hoof . It all start’s to get a bit difficult. I Know she has a stammer, so do I sometimes, but I’m not Minister for Health.

Surely we should have people that can string a coherent sentence together. Because at the end of the day people are expected to get & under stand what is being said to them there & then with out having to say “ can you say that again” or think “well I didn’t want her embarrassed”.

So what do you think of this £1m spent on Doctors doing nothing, when the Hospital is having to have patient treatment cut back.

15. The Deputy of St. Martin will ask the following question of the Minister for Health and Social Services –

“Will the Minister inform Members of the number of doctors who, although not suspended, are not permitted to carry out their normal duties; outline what impact such restrictions are having on patient care, the individual doctors and their colleagues and advise the cost to the public to date in respect of locum hire to cover the period of restriction?”


Anonymous said...

What a mess that health department is in. Anne Pryke is way out of her depth. She has learnt nothing despite the Verita report with the same management still running that shambles. A MILLION QUID being wasted and she does nothing time for a vote of no confidence................IN THE INTEREST OF PATIENT SAFETY.

Ian Evans said...

That was incredible!!!

voiceforchildren said...


That "Health" Service has been allowed to just spiral out of control. A million bl--dy quid being squandered and Deputy Pryke just fumbles around looking for excuses.

I agree with the first comment, in the interest of patient safety Deputy Pryke has to go. She has no control over her Senior Civil Servants, the same one's incidentally, that the Verita Report were so scathing of!!

Jill Gracia said...

Sorry to say this, but from the outset neither the Health Minister nor the Education Minister have been fit for purpose.

Both a total embarrasment, and as a previous commentor has said out of their depths.

Heaven help us all!

Ian Evans said...

Cover-up TV Award

Anonymous said...

I guess having a Health Minister and Education Minister with limited credibility, makes it easy to run the States, ie: just a few make the decisions and the rest follow, well except Stuart of course!!