Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Statement From our Great Chief Minister.

Our Chief Minister has make a statement regarding the Order of Justice put forward by Mr S. Syvret.

Well thats the end of that. Saying that quite a lot in the last few months.


Anonymous said...

I am a little bit confused as to ''No claim is made against individual members at this stage''

Further goes on to say that Advise has been taken from the solicitor general who has advised that the case against all of the named defendants should be struck out?

Jill Gracia said...

Thanks a lot for that TJW. I can only reiterate that I think our CM is a total and utter pillock!!

voiceforchildren said...


The fact that TLS felt it neccessary to read that Statement out smacks of desperation. But it has given the "accredited" media the opportunity to start spinning the living daylights out of it to suit there, and the Law Office(r)s agenda.

The Education Minister, Deputy James Reed "answered" a question from Deputy Tadier involving one of his Senior Civil Servants being a Child Abuse suspect at the same sitting.

Are you able to publish that exchange for us?, as I believe that James Reed, who is up for election this year, was not as truthful in his "answers" as he could have been.

thejerseyway said...


I shall try & get it up tonight.

Thank's for the request.