Saturday, 5 March 2011

4 Principled Politicians that did Speak.

These 6 did not speak on the Committee of inquiry as that had just been amended.

Deputy Duhamel you are so lucky that I for some reason or other have NOT "to my disapointment" got your ramballings about Cold weather Payments to the Old. But anyone can read them on Hansard. Or your Christmas Speach.
Do not think you can sit at the back & say nothing, we do have memory's. Role on the Elections.

Connetable Murphy,

Connetable Refault.

Senator Maclean

Deputy Gorst.

Senator Le Marquand.

Here we have 4 more of the 11 Jersey Politicians that could be bothered to speek on there reason's NOT to vote for the Committee of inquiry as that had just been amended.

Deputy Pryke.

Deputy Noel.

Senator Ozouf.

O yes I nearly Forgot our Dear Leader Senator Le Sueur.

Deputy Jeune I put up the other night, made the 5 up.


Anonymous said...

Deputy Noel

A Committee of Inquiry may not give the victims what they seek, but if done properly will have a better chance of the same thing every happening to any other child under Jersey institutions care.

rico sorda said...

There needs to be a Committee of Enquiry into Deputy Noel, Jeune and Dupree.

These 3 are so right wing and up Ozoufs tailpipe it's not natural. If you don't believe me then check the voting.


Keep going TJW this is brilliant


voiceforchildren said...


Ann Pryke being a "Corporate Parent" should be ashamed of herself, just look at her voting record when it comes to any inquiries looking at protecting our children, the same goes for Le Marquand and Reed.

Eddie Noel has proved himself to be an establishment/Ozouf Lackey time and time again.

Anonymous said...

Blog has been removed

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What has happened?.

voiceforchildren said...


Le Sueur says "I think I have to be consistent". This bloke is consistent, he's consistent in being inconsistent!!!

He was one of the Council of Ministers in 2008 that agreed there should be a committee of inquiry. He then brings a Report to the House saying there Shouldn't be a COI. Then he submits comments to Senator Le Gresley's Proposition saying he agrees there should be a COI. He then speaks, and votes against a COI.

Consistently inconsistent, with no leadership skills.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ozouf

As well a, intentioned as members ah questions have been about the ah various different ah CO CF & DTCF funds ah upon advice those cannnot be accessed for & these views of (?)the COI ah I, have to take advice in relation to that and the assembly has been advised by the advisor that the treasury minister has, about what can be used and what cant, & we mustn't kid ourselves ah that these funds can be used a for that.

Who are all these advisors?

Mr. Ozour would not want a public enquiry particularly with this TOR?

I bet he doesn't.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

It always amazes me - to hear these oligarchy politicians repeatedly propounding their opinions as to what the survivors may or may not want - and what may or may not satisfy the survivors.

Who the hell do these people think they are?

The survivor's can think for themselves - and of all of the survivors I know - all of them want a meaningful inquiry - and all of them are sensible enough to recognition that the inquiry mat deliver perfection - may not be all that they would wish for, either collectively or in the individual cases.

But they still want the inquiry.

What a silly little man man Eddie Noel is.

Really, people deserve the government they get - voting for people like him.