Saturday, 5 March 2011

Senator Le Gresley hits back at Senator Le Marquand.

Senator Le Gresley proves he does he's research & puts our Minister for Home Affairs right.
First of all we had Senator Le Marquand giving his point of view in the debate on Deputy Bob Hill's Amendment.

Then the next day Senator Le Gresley came back with the left hook to put Senator Le Marquand in his place & with some interesting fact's that Senator Le Marquand did not want us to hear.

Now here with have Senator Le Gresley talking on Radio Jersey Friday evening on how he thinks it all went. I can't help but think the presenter was not to happy or something about having a Inquiry, or am I reading to much in to it.

Have to say a Big Thank You to Senator Le Gresley, he has certainly got off in to the swing of things quickly & on the right side.

Thanks go to Deputy Bob Hill & Deputy Tadier is well.
"You have all done well"


TonyTheProf said...

Brilliant speech and BBC Radio Jersey interview.

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...


You are providing a much needed public service. Never doubt the power of placing the historic record in an online format like this, where it can reach an international audience. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Francis Le Gresley is indeed proving to be a force to be reckoned with. He is thoughtful, measured, quietly spoken and, above all, convincing. He is also intelligent and well-balanced - qualities which seem to be in short supply in the States!

voiceforchildren said...


I agree with Elle. Trying to navigate the States website to get the Hansard of these speeches can be daunting and confusing. Your Blogsite is becoming a one stop shop for those interested in your particular topics.

Ian Le Marquand is going to be written about extensively in the History books and one wonders what he believes will be written?

thejerseyway said...

Anonymous left a comment but I accidentally Deleted. So I reproduce it below.

I hope Senator Le Gresley carries on in this vein.

This COI should not only be for the victims but also for the Island.

We need confidence in the system the care homes and the authorities.

My concern is the COI is going to go in one direction only.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Elle. Thanks very much for taking the time to place these soundfiles online. They are invaluable when it comes to providing a window to what is really going on inside the States chamber.

Anonymous said...

TLS and ILM have both stated that a committee of enquiry will not give the abuse survivors what they want.

So I am assuming they have asked them via the JCLA, if no, how can they be sure!!

However, now I would expect them both to do all they can to ensure that the abuse survivors can get closure, so I will not be expecting them to vote down any moves to make the enquiry comprehensive enough to allay there own fears. (and pigs will fly)

Anonymous said...

Sir, I would like to echo other international commenters by thanking you for posting these recordings. I can assure you that other activists in the USA besides myself are interested and we appreciate that it takes effort on your part to run and maintain this site.

USA Reader

Anonymous said...

VFC is surely right about the questions ILM should be asking himself. Without a doubt, ILM will be portrayed negatively in the history books. With his educational background and professional experience he has no excuse for claiming any ignorance of the corruption he so willfully aids and abets.


voiceforchildren said...


Let's not look at the Law Office(r)s

rico sorda said...


Could you put up the Graham Power interview on BBC radio Jersey tonight.