Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Deputy Jeune the Woman of Princible.

This woman should not be any were near the States building let alone Sitting in it representing the people of St Brelade No. 1.

She hardly ever speaks & when she does, you have to scratch your head & think what on earth is she on about. She must sit in the States listening to Woman’s Hour! Because there is know way she is listening to the Debate.

She just wants to be in with the COM. All ways votes the way Senator Ozouf wants his Lamb’s to vote.

She said her Husband went to Haute de la Garenne & does not want a committee of enquiry & all her friend’s say the same. Well I know someone that went there & he said he had a good time there, but that does not mean that things did not happen there, he or her husband & her Friends were not the Chosen one’s, because like my friend he is not quite so they could not shut them up so they were not ever going to be Special.

Deputy Jeune you are embarrassing & you do not deserve to keep your seat Latter this year. I will do my bit to get you out.

Have a Listen to what she had to say today on the Debate on having a COI.


Damocles said...

Absolutely amazing. It sounds as if it was written for her but the content is so poor and fuzzbrained that that does not seem likely. Either that or she needs to find a new speech writer!

Anonymous said...

Is Deputy Jeunes husband David Jeune, resident of Jersey Home for Boys in the late fifties when it was a happy place?
Some of us had a good time there during that period but that is no reason to bury our heads and pretend that others did not have a bad experience. Every inch of this sorry saga needs to be thoroughly investigated independantly.

ex resident JHB '56-'61

Anonymous said...

She is entitled to her freedom of speech and if people seriously want a proper inquiry they must stop attacking freedom of speech such as this one.

Damocles said...

Anon defends Jeune's speech with a reflexive platitude. Freedom of speech as a great concept gains its power by preventing the truth being hidden or covered up and to stop bad people oppressing innocent/good people. It is NOT the freedom to say anything at all - no matter how stupid, ignorant or misleading.

Speech which supports cover up and the maintenance of injustice is an abuse of the concept of free speech. Idiotic garbage like this is an abuse. Where do these people come from and who votes for them?

Anonymous said...

Deputy Jeune is a true Loyalist of the Ozouf/Le Sueur government. During her interview by Roger Barra of BBC Radio Jersey before election, she was evasive on all the revealing questions: GST and who she would support as Chief Minister. She could not, or rather would not, pronounce the name Terry Le Sueur, head of the GST Party Clan and shoe-in after Senator Frank Walker retired. On GST all she could mouth was that it was there and we had to move on. The expression move-on is a favourite as it denotes lets move on from discussing child abuse.

We must assume Angela is a protégé of the previous Deputy in St Brelade number 1 district, the now Senator, Sarah Ferguson. How Angela goes down with Sarah’s snob club would be interesting to know. Jersey Beans command little respect; on the contrary the gin swilling disdain such type of person as slightly comical. Dear Angela is of course not blessed with intellect and shares all the insular prejudices of a provincial.

Angela does not want an enquiry into child abuse because she knows it would reveal the complicity of the god-fearing Methodist elite that has run island affairs for a long time and of which she is a part.

Anonymous said...

I am ick to death of hearin g those words "draw a line under the issue" What the hell does it mean? Let people off from serious crimes?

I am a victim of child abuse and no-one is drawing any lines under my inability to cope with the mess my life has been left in. The authorities come down like a ton of bricks on me for the slightest thing, not even crimes, that I cannot do, as a result of the abuse I suffered as a child.

What about the burnt bones? Are lines going to be drawn under murders? Sorry, Jeune, take yourself and your bloody felt tip pen away, be off with you, you wont be drawing any more lines under this issue, it should have been a murder investigation and needs treating as a murder investigation still.

Anonymous said...

What are all the pauses for?

If it were to allow the listener time to scream at her comments then thank you very much. It worked.

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

She is most definitely entitled to her freedom of speech, and we are just as entitled to pass our comments.
It was such a poorly written speech to the extent that I suspect that members of the audience missed some of it due to being unable to keep awake.
She left me with the impression that she is not in touch with reality.

On another point,I wonder if her husband has fond memories of The Boys Home.

Ian Evans said...

Nothing but an out of touch child abuse sponsor, all ready to cover up for our vile regime at the drop of a hat.

It's a pity they cannot be charged with crimes against humanity!!!


Anonymous said...

How the hel did this woman get in in the first place
She's a disgrace

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sir

Sir members will recall that, throughout, this, the term of this office I have made it quite clear, that I am married to somebody who was brought up in, the home for boys, and went through, the Jersey care system.
So when all this, business to do with Haut De La Garenne first kicked off, most, in fact all, those, who I know who'd been at Haut De La Garenne said, ok, let them investigate let them do what they're doing, they will have a Committee of Inquiry at the end of it, and thats what I want to hear.

But as time has gone on, that is not what they're saying, and most of those, in fact nobody has come to me to say otherwise, have said how pleased they were, when they heard, the Chief Minister make his appologies to those children who through the care system, had, not, been properly treated, he appologised to them, and drew a line, under, this issue. They no longer, want, a Committee, of Inquiry. They believe, the matter, has been dealt with.

Now, I've waited till now, to speak, simply because, I wanted to listen, to what was being said, and I must appologise, to the proposer, of the projee, that I was not here to hear his opening speech, and members were aware, where I was.

so what I'm about to say is going to be slightly disjointed because its trying to pick up on a number of issues. But I would ask the propo0ser, does he not consider, that what he is doing, is raising the expectation, of those who feel agrived, Is that fair? I would ask the Council of Ministers, if they accept this proposition, what is it they believe, it is, to achieve?
I would ask the proposer, does he not consider, that its history, is something to look back on and learn from, (Background whisper absolutely) and what we should be doing is putting resources, to the future, and where appropriate ensuring that the mental health services, are properly providing, for the needs of those, who are, victims of abuse, however incurred and also, to those, who, do not seem able to move on.

Sir there was a letter I read, in the newspaper, from a wife of somebody was was falsely accussed, and her message, was, they needed to be able to have their say, but they can do that it doesn't need a Committee of Inquiry. Sir I thank the Minister of health, for raising the issue, of the reach, of a Committee of Inquiry, but its what that reach would be, and my understanding from the reply from the Attorney General, is it wont, have the ability to ensure, people outside of the Island, can be, made, to turn up, and give their contribution.

People are so worried about the, Political, interference, is it therefor correct, that we're being asked, as politicians, to decide, on whether there should be, a Committee of Inquiry? Because it, the judicial system, has already been there.

What are the numbers, that this proposition, refers to? how many people are there, who are really asking for this, Committee of Inquiry? Certainly I had a constituent who said, I genuinly hope that your going to be able to, support Sanator Le Gresleys, proposition, and when I explained why I couldn't, I asked him why he felt I should, But it was nothing to do with Haut De La Garenne.

If anything is held behind closed doors, we most certainly, are going to hear screams, of cover up.


Anonymous said...

Cont from previous post.

The Deputy of St. martin, mentioned, those who, had been, accussed, and trialed by media, so, I wonder whether, the Deputy of St. Martin, is more Championing, champing the issues, in relation, to the previous, to, a, previous Police Chief, and his Deputy and the Deputy of St. John, appears to have endorsed that. But the Attorney General, says, we cannot enfore their attendance.

There's also been mention about the period of time being, 1990 1999 its unclear, I feel, that, the issue, of what what, the proposer and listening to other members is trying to ask us to do, is so, unclear, and whilst, I started saying that, um, the initial, statement, the way that that we will have a Committee of Inquiry was so relevant then but is not relevant today.

Thank you Sir.

I attempted to transcribe please use audio to verify

voiceforchildren said...


This woman is a disgrace and has, in the past, been responsible for Abuse Survivors having to leave the public gallery in tears because of her hurtful ramblings.

GeeGee said...

Thank you for putting this up TJW. I did actually hear it on the radio, but had to listen again to confirm that I had heard correctly!

Deputy Jeune, this Inquiry is not about your husband or your friends nor indeed 'moving on'. This Inquiry is about getting to the truth for those people who were not as lucky as your husband and friends who were fortunate that they did not suffer in this way.

Did you not read anything that the JCLA have sent out to States Members over the last week or so. If you had you will see that this IS what they want and no less than they deserve.

Of course you are entitled to your view, but please do not impose those around you on the real victims. A very blinkered and shallow attitude indeed.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...

She is entitled to her freedom of speech and if people seriously want a proper inquiry they must stop attacking freedom of speech such as this one."

Actually she's PAID by the PUBLIC to REPRESENT their best interests in the States. As a direct consequence of which that same public have the complete right to question or challenge anything she may say whilst in their employ.

Anonymous said...

From Deputy Jeunes speech it seems she was happy for a COI before the appology to victims that drew a line under the issue as were people she knew who were in the care system.

Does this cover her constituents as well? including the one who stated to her he would hope she support the proposition from Senator Le Gresley.

What I gather from her speech is she is unsure why we get hung up on HDLG and would like to know is the proposition for the community and abuse as a whole. She believes Deputy of St. Martin is Championing issues relation to a previous police chief and his deputy along side the Deputy of St. Johns endorsement.

I think someone needs to take her aside and explain how this issues are all interlinked and hopefully the COI would try to make sense of it.

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

A few contradictions from deputy jeune with regards the COI.

No one has come to her to say otherwise since the apology and yet later on she mentions a constituent asking if she will back FLG proposal? Here there was an admission of someone saying otherwise.

she waited to speak but wanted to listen to what was said. Yet was not there for opening speech.

Why does this lady not want a COI for her constituents?