Saturday, 12 March 2011

This Minister is out of Control.

Senator La Marquand should go & live down under, where Kangaroos are common place. His jumping around not doing interview's then does when told he is going to look stupid if he does not. That is what happened the other night, so he was forced to do the interview.

Here is another one of our Minister of Home Affair's speech's in the the States & you can tell he can't stand Mr Power & Mr Harper & he is going to do anything posible to blame these two for everything, even if he has to break the law & spend million's in made up report's, sorry "ourchap report's". You would think all this came out of Fiction book.
He was speaking on Deputy Tadier's Amendment on having a Committee of inquiry.

Just like to point out that if you did not catch it, you would have heard Senator La Marquand name Mr Harper, that alone is not alowed & Mr Harper's name should be taken off of Hansard. But he also called him an "incompetent maverick" I myself think the term sum's up the Senator quite well ! & you would have noticed that no one apart from Deputy Tadier pulled him about this. It is common that if one of the not in "the in crowd" say a member of the public's name they get shouted down by the Establishment. But not this time because they are all in the cover up & the fall guy's are Mr Power & Mr Harper.  The Truth needs to come out but it's not the Establishments side that the majority of this Island gets to hear. The Fight  goes on.

Now you must go back & have a read & watch the Video's on Rico Sorda's Blog. You can see them Here

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's posible.


voiceforchildren said...


So according to Ian Le Marquand Her Majesty's Inspectorate Constabulary (HMIC) are not credible. The Association of Chief Police Officers are not credible? So I take it the Jersey Government won't be employing either of these organisations again?

But the Wiltshire Constabulary that conducted a "disciplinary" Review into the former Chief Police Officer. A Review that missed just about every deadline and who's budget was allowed to spiral out of control. A "Disciplinary" Review that didn't bring one "disciplinary" charge IS credible????

Just priceless, it really is.

rico sorda said...

This is priceless it really is. Thanks again TJW, this is so helpful.

Is there anybody out there who can explain the conduct of ILM


moral-rightness said...

So ILM shoots the messenger

Well what about Lenny Harper's post on Stuart Syvrets blog Secret Report by Lenny Harper where he describes what some of the victims think

Simon Thomas commented this week that he was anxious there should be no perception that the decisions to charge or not to charge suspects were being made under improper influence of factors other than evidence. I made the point to him, and make it again, that he and others do not seem able to grasp the fact that this perception is already there among the victims. They feel that the decisions are, and have been made in the past, on many factors other than the evidence. It is the need to avoid this perception that was uppermost in my mind in releasing the factual Media statement that evening.

[as there is no full Wiltshire available online to discuss - looking at what Lenny/Graham has said may be more helpful as to why there should be an inquiry]

moral-rightness said...

Whilst ILM like to talk of no political interference, his views on the Police force are somewhat different. Here is part of a letter that the JEP published from Stuart Syvret:-

Letters to the editor
Jersey Evening Post
Five Oaks
St. Saviour.

The comments of Mr. Ian Le Marquand, Advocate, former Magistrate and candidate for the office of Senator, as reported in the JEP Wednesday 23rd July, are amongst the most deeply disturbing comments I have ever heard from an election candidate in Jersey.

I know Jersey grandees – with all their natural presumption to power – live in a strange parallel universe, into which reality rarely intrudes, but Mr Le. Marquand’s comments are shockingly insular and ignorant, even by Jersey establishment standards.

He says: “The issue about oversight of the police is based on a growing concern over a lengthy period of time that the police were increasingly operating as if they were a politically independent organisation. That predates the Haute de la Garenne investigation by about two years. It is a long-standing concern that they are operating without effective political oversight.”

The Police operating as if they were a "politically independent organisation.”?

This will obviously come as a deep shock to Mr. Le Marquand – but police forces are politically independent organisations.

The Police Force does indeed – these days, at least - undertake it’s duties in a manner independent of politics, and of direct political control.

And the problem with that is?

Anyone interested can read it in fullhere

moral-rightness said...

Why does ILM think it is wrong to question the honesty of the previous AG (Bill Bailhache), when things like this have happened...

An extract from Sturat Syvret's blog:-

Incidentally, whilst I’m on the subject of the Bailhache Brothers – people in Jersey will be very familiar with the irreversible fact that, at the time of my unlawful arrest and detention – and the consequent searching of my home without a search warrant – Bill Bailhache issued a flat and unambiguous denial of any prior knowledge of the raid.

Following this manifest lie from him, I sent him an e-mail – in which I described him as a liar and a crook.

This plain statement of fact was simply seized upon by the Jersey oligarchy and its media – such as BBC Jersey – and used to peddle lies against me, whilst denying me any right of reply.

But – dear oh dear – what happened today in the Assembly?

Bill Bailhache admitted that, in fact, he did have prior knowledge of the raid.


A brazen liar – straight out of the mould of Jimmy Perchard.

Extract was copied from here

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when he mentioned "fishing expedition" Isnt that what happened to Stuart?

If Lenny would have taken the officers to the local chippy Ian Le Marquand would have probably tried to make out that the fried cod roe in their newspaper was caviare.

voiceforchildren said...


Interview with Stuart Syvret PART 1

moral-rightness said...

I posted two comments yesterday, which have not been published, it could be because they were highlighting the weakness of ILM's stance, which could be played back to silence him, or something else, either way, perhaps you could let me know somehow why you did not post it.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Moral-Rightness.

Do not know why I missed them. But there was no reason to not publish. So they are posted above.

rico sorda said...


Great seeing your Blog going from strength to strength.

Keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

ILM should be asked if ACPO reports and their investigations, in general, are inadequate or not helpful. ACPO would find ILM's remarks to be insulting and contradictory. After all, a while back, ILM seemed to place all his own credibility on the "Interim" report, which was never intended for official disciplinary purposes against Power. In fact, didn't the ACPO issue some harsh words about Jersey's complete misuse of their findings?

Ian Evans said...


Ian Evans said...


Ian Evans said...