Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tonight's Radio Interview. Mr La Marquand, Mr Power & Mr Hill.

Today our Home Affair's Minister published a redacted version of the Wiltshire Report, without Mr Power the right of reply, ie publishing Mr Power's 62,000 word defence to Wiltshire report.

So have a listen to the Interview that happened on BBC Radio Jersey at 5 O clock this evening below.

I will say the Gloves are off. Senator La Marquand is making it up as he goes along, I Know who I believe & it certainly is not the Senator.


voiceforchildren said...


Ian Le Marquand trying to say he didn't publish both sides of the story because he wasn't asked to! The bloke has just been allowed to run out of control and can only be seen as a complete liability to our government.

If he STILL can't see how foolish he looks then it is surely time for him to be recommended to an institution that could better understand his needs. What a disgrace that man has turned out to be.

Furthermore I am led to believe that some documented "evidence" is soon to be published that will show ILM at best as mistaken and at worst a liar when he says he has not been asked to publish Mr.Power's 62,000 word defence.

Ian Evans said...


TJW, can you resend your link to this post please mate :)

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr Power!

Anonymous said...

Ian Le marquand, I am just an ordinary housewife ,you are not fit for government I am so angry at your efforts to discredit Graham Power,crawl back under your stone.

Anonymous said...

Graham Power and Bob Hill You naughty boys you, Mr. le Marquand expected you both to sit back and accept his decision when he decided to put this one sided version into the public domain.

Wait for it. Because, It is simply delivering a greater level of detail.

ILM expresses sadness at what he refers to as Graham Power and Bob Hills song and dance about this. (You dont say) and futher goes on to say '' to see a Senior States Member like Bob Hill, now trying to keep the truth away from the General Public''

Anonymous said...

Surely now this is a simple case to prove.

ILM has stated publicly that he has not been asked to release the defence statement, whereas Graham Power has said he has copies of correspondence which proves he has asked.

ILM was asked to review the letter sent by wArcup to the CEO, but no, he didn't want to. He acted like a magistrate rather than as a Minister looking to achieve fair justice.

If this evidence is forthcoming, will ILM resign for misleading the public?

Lets hope all this does not over shadow Stuart Syvrets quest next week, not that I believe the timing of this release was in anyway planned to try and divert attention away from what may turn out to be the beginning of the end for bad justice in Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Stop the world I want to jump off.

What is happening in this Island where the Home Affairs Minister can pull a stunt such as todays?

Anonymous said...

Ian le Marquand, you are on Candid Camera!

Jill Gracia said...

Once again, thanks TJW.

So, according to Le Marquand's understanding of 'justice' you are guilty until you prove otherwise, it is perfectly in order to produce one side of a case without a defence case, and it is also quite normal to publicise a report prepared for a disciplinary hearing which did not reach that stage, long, long after Mr Power was publicly declared innocent!!

Vendetta - YES, spiteful - YES, vindictive - YES.

Fit for purpose - NO, no, no!

Mr Power - you have behaved with a calm dignity throughout all this, and it is now time to fight your corner as forcefully as you can. You have a lot of supporters here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. You are doing a very good job.

Anonymous said...

Ian said he is writing to Mr Power to ask if he wants his 62,000 word defense published.

Ian Evans said...

FWANKY "the bat" WALKER....and TRINITY?

Anonymous said...

What this shows is the absolute contempt ILM holds for the people of Jersey. For some reason, ILM appears confident of his ability to survive his own foolish web of deceit and injustice without shame or retribution. Does he believe the regular people of Jersey will simply ignore all the evidence of his lies and complicity? How can they? There must be a great disconnect between the public criticism of ILM and his own awareness of it. The game is up.

Anonymous said...

Information is power. Control of information is in urgent competition globally. Citizen media is spreading that power to those who care to evaluate the facts without the filter of a government's political bias and the work is appreciated, TJW. Keep the record for future historians and these interviews for all to reference. Back up your records and on-line data and you will be protecting the truth for the sake of all who care to see the truth for themselves. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Could I put in a request? ILM was up for questions without notice last states session and I am researching his antics. Waiting for Hansard would hinder my research so would ask if you were able to publish this 15 minute segment? If that is - you have it recorded.