Friday, 5 October 2012

Janet Street-Porter on Question Time 04/10/12.

Last night on Question Time Janet says abuse was all over the Media World ?
It would of been useless telling any of her bosses & they would of all Known what was going on ! 

Janet was on with Kenneth Clark, Douglas Alexander, Baroness Kramer & Willie Walsh.
Chaired by David Dimbleby.

You get the feeling that this is bigger then anyone like's to think about. When you think the Two most powerful women in the BBC in the 80s & 90s, Esther Rantzen & Janet Street-Porter didn't say anything even when they new it was more then rumours says a lot about our BBC. What else is not getting told.

Going by what BBC Jersey keeps hidden from the Jersey People about Child Abuse, this is not the BBC that we have grown up to believe that you can Trust, So Sad.
So I've recorded the part when the question about Jimmy Savile was asked. just in case the BBC Pull the episode from the iPlayer. Can't believe I'm thinking that way, but don't know if I will ever Trust them again.

Think I'll start getting my news from the Blogs & Aljazeera from now on.

This is the recording of the question that was asked about Jimmy Savile.

This Link will take you to the BBC iPlayer ware you can watch Question Time from last night again. You will be able to watch it until 11.34pm Friday 04/10/13. The Savile question comes up at 40min 20sec in.
Question Time 04/10/12. Jimmy Savile

How many people Loved This Person, be many Millions.How can we Trust the BBC now?


Anonymous said...

All those people who are protecting Mario Lundy should now be considering their roles and options.

Anonymous said...

There are many in Jersey who should be considering their roles and options right now. The spotlight is back on the Island. The recent coverups have been far too arrogant and visibly sloppy.

voiceforchildren said...


The recording demonstrates the culture of decades gone by and its treatment of women and ChildAbuse victims.

The very same culture that exists in Jersey today!

Anonymous said...

The Jersey Way,

Thanks again for what you do for the record.

Sam Mézec said...


You might also want to listen to last nights Any Questions.

The Jimmy Saville issue is about 20 minutes in and it's just horrific to listen to.

Claire Fox exemplifies everything that is wrong with societies attitude towards abuse.

Ian Evans said...

Meeting DEAN CLIFFORD Part 3 of 3