Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Jersey Bus Strike.

I'm not a Union Fan AT All & when I heard about what they are earning, I was a bit up set (too put it politely). But after hearing some other points of there contracts that are not being reported about, ie losing the time that they have worked as a bus driver for Jersey Bus & Connex. So without to finer point, so they can be sacked easer. 

Are the States tiring to kill the Unions by using a British Company, This getting rid of the driver's history & they all need to do a interview. Means that CT Plus can just say to the Union top dogs "sorry you do not meet our levels" or something like that.

Right here is the Ministers Statement in Full,

Next the Questions on the Statement.

Now we had Deputy Southern with a Urgent Question.

Now this Morning we had Mr Chris Lewis From Tantivy on  the Radio. He says that Tantivy as Jersey Bus bided against CTPlus for the contract, but they priced for the contract with all the employers terms & conditions included, So he is a bit annoyed that CTPlus won the Contract without them.

So hear we go again, just another day in little old Jersey that does NOT add up.

Who Said if it Smells fishy don't touch it!!

Why are two company's biding for the same thing but one company has different terms!!!!!!!!

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's possible. 


Anonymous said...

Little history lesson:

In 2002 Jersey Bus (aka Tantivy, aka the Lewis family) bid to hold onto the bus franchise. Connex put two bids in - one for a service as-was, one for a set of services as they would like to do. JB found out this was happening and submitted a second bid very late in the process.

This is where the story gets interesting, because the subsequent arguments over whether Connex should have won hinged on what happened to JB's second bid. JB staff claim that they hand-delivered it to the States offices just over 15 minutes before the deadline. The States officials subsequently claimed that they had not received it - IIRC they said they could not trace it at all, rather than they had not received it within the deadline.

(The documentation of this was on the Internet, but it was devilishly hard to find)

Fast-forward to 2012, and what do we see? Connex claim that they supplied all the information needed to do a TUPE-style transfer to the States. TTS say they never got it, so no TUPE could go ahead.

Anybody spot a pattern here?

Anonymous said...

It stinks. If Jersey bus tendered and adhered to the clear terms and conditions of the tender process for all staff of conex and had consulted with TTS.

The message this sends out is any terms and conditions set by government departments are a tool for gov to use at will.

Anonymous said...

a Little point to ponder :)....

have a look at recommendation 4 and the public services committee's response