Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Jimmy Savile & Jersey's Haut de la Garenne.

 Mark Williams-Thomas & Esther Rantzen. Are Interviewed By BBC Radio Jersey's Simon Jupp. About Jimmy Savile being accused of Sexually abusing Vulnerable teenage girls at the Height of his Fame in the 1970's while he was over HERE.

First was Mark Williams-Thomas. Programme tonight The Other Side of Jimmy Savile.

Simon asks if he is going to investigate Savile's time in Jersey. When it should be the BBC Investigating what Savile got up to over here, while he was working under the BBC's Umbrella of Trust. TRUST!

Then there was Esther Rantzen Interviewed on Carrie & Sara's Show this morning.

TheJerseyWay would like to Credit & Thank BBC Radio Jersey for making these recording's posible. 


Anonymous said...

TJW- Thank you for posting these.
Once again, its important for the record.

Anonymous said...

Another thanks is due. It is important now more than ever before. This post could be one with recordings worth listening to again and again as this Savile story keeps unraveling. You make a good effort to keep the accurate history out there as it takes place.

GeeGee said...

Thanks TJW - I was unaware of these interviews until now.

You see you do provide an invaluable and important service and I am pleased you have decided to keep going!

voiceforchildren said...


Senator Francis Le Gresley tells VFC Exclusively "I WILL RESIGN" over Child Abuse COI.

Ian Evans said...

Game-Show Mike & THE PIG

Anonymous said...

It is easy to understand why every blogger in Jersey seems to get frustrated when the pace of change is slow. Thank you for not giving up. Things really can change in Jersey when a small dedicated group of people come together to work hard for the common good.

Right now, we can all see evidence of sudden changes at the BBC even in Jersey and with the greater willingness of Jimmy Savile's victims to come forward and know they will not be mistreated by the media. Thanks to bloggers like you, more witnesses and victims in Jersey may be losing their fear.

Instead, it is the guilty who are, or should be, afraid now.

Ian Evans said...

No presents for Ian this CHRISTMAS

Anonymous said...

'Instead, it is the guilty who are, or should be, afraid now.'

One hopes so. For too long, Jersey citizens have suffered living under a palpable culture of fear that has sucessfully been operated by the Jersey establishment.
More about this later.

Anonymous said...

TTW4 Says:

Rantzen has alot to say.

Has Rantzen told the press what she was doing onboard Heath's yacht 'Morning Cloud(4)' near the Channel Island of Jersey?