Monday, 8 October 2012

The BBC are on Program Cover Up!

Even If the BBC we're in there right to ask this question, do you really think it was the right question to be asking on a nice Fluffy Saturday morning.

BBC Jersey Facebook page.

BBC Jersey

6 hours ago.

Morning, Chris here. Talking about Jimmy Savile today. More people are making allegations of child abuse against him. BUT is it right to drag all this up now that he's dead and can't defend himself - especially as there are claims it could damage the charities which his legacy benefits?

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Paul Bentley What about the victims?
Why are we worrying about the perpetrator?
Seems all too often the legal system gets it wrong.
It looks authorities turned a blind eye again, like they did over here for 30 years.

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Trevor Richomme There you lot go again push it under the carpet & let's forget it happened. You lot are unbelievable. I'll stop there Chris because you are just winding me up. Why don't you lot just for one minute thing of all those children he abused & the BBC covered UP. Sickening just Sickening.

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Retro Barber I don't no how to say this to you nicely,but I will try if you have kids at home look at them and say to them did someone abuse you yesterday well don't worry it was in the past,are you mad get this of your face book page it's the most insulting question you can think of and then go and look for a job as you have no idea

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Trevor Richomme The charities are as bad as the cover up merchants, because if it wasn't for them he wouldn't of got away with it. You are as bad as abuse deniers. Sick!!!!

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Trevor Richomme Well you are wrong in setting this question & time tell that there is going to be more people with these thoughts then saying to push it under the carpet.

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Pam Col because it is said to have happened in the past,does this imply that War Criminals should not be brought to justice after 60 years have past since the war?

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Paul Bentley I think the BBC , in asking this question, have got it very wrong.
Especially as it looks like they were covering it up.

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Trevor Richomme Yes you are right there Paul, the good old BBC have got a lot wrong on child abuse. They have pushed the Government Line over here now for over 4 years that it wasn't as bad as a couple of silly cops were saying & now they are getting proved WRONG. Ware is this going to end. The BBC should start being truthful & not just saying what our Government want them to tell us.

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Jon S Haworth Surprised we haven't heard from Noel Edmonds. They used to share Top of the Pops.

4 hours ago..

BBC Jersey Our question was clumsy, and we are in no way dismissive of abuse victims. Radio Jersey interviewed one of Savile's alleged victims on air this week, and continues to investigate the aspects of the case pertaining to the island. Today on air we looked at the impact of the case on several charities. Jon Gripton, Editor.

4 hours ago..

Trevor Richomme Well you should not let questions like this be set. How do you think the family in Wales are feeling like this morning, would you say to them it is Historic even tho it was only last Monday. Thank you for the apology.

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Jon S Haworth There is a lot more to this story. Why are so many celebrities claiming to have known things yet did nothing? Why didn't the abuse victims made up of middle aged women not spoken sooner? Why do they blag this off by saying it was a different culture at the time? Another issue and this goes for Gary Glitter. Here was a man who was a loner, never settled down with a partner and had no family yet nobody ever looked at that closer? Thos Savile story raises more questions than ever.

3 hours ago · Edited..

Emma Hulme My concern is that everyone should have the right to respond to allegations made and he obviously can't do that. Having said that, I totally agree with the comments above- time is irrelevant and just because they are historical allegations, it doesn't make them any less important. X

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Trevor Richomme "why didn't the abuse victims made up of middle aged woman not spoken sooner" because the BBC with this kind of altitude didn't let the the Truth get out & so these young girls were not believed until now. Still the likes of people who come out with these statements as above are doing the same damage as the BBC in saying "we do not need a inquiry". If there was a time to have a COI into child Abuse in jersey is now & with Verita terms of reference, anything less will be point less & the Island of Jersey will have to hang is head in shame!!!!!!

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Jon S Haworth Its a shame people seem to get so over excited with child abuse claims still. I think this will hit a dead end because Savile is dead and cant be held to account in any manner or form.

about an hour ago..

Trevor Richomme Well Jon S Haworth I do not know you & glad I don't. With what you have just said "people seem to get so over excited with child abuse claims" says more about YOU then anything else. If the BBC entertain people like you on this Facebook of there's, it raises more questions about the BBC then anything that they can say to justify letting "clumsy" questions on it or people making offensive comments.

End of conversation.
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Jon S Haworth Hey I am not saying this is right at all but there is always a lot of excitement when abuse claims appear. Just look at the Media. But think about this, why is there more excitement nowadays compared to Savile's heyday? Was this a cover up? You know it may just be. But can he be held to account? No, and anybody around trying to drag others in will possibly be fobbed off. It's a can of worms BBC but who will be held to account? Nobody I bet!!!!
6 October 2012 15:35


Anonymous said...

You could not pay me to ask such a preposterous question, even if ordered to by my employer. Why doesn't BBC ask if it is fair to deprive charities of all the future additional funds which might be deliberately raised from deliberately engaging in child sexual exploitation?

The highly credible accusations of his accusers do not harm Jimmy Savile, in any way. He is dead. He escaped accountability even though he had already spoken publicly about his philosophy of sexual exploitation of underage girls and even gleefully admitted to his own perverse inclinations. He has defended Gary Glitter's use of child porn - some of which featured toddlers. He has lied about Haut de la Garenne. The public can now listen to recordings of his inappropriate touching of a young girl. That will remain a dominant part of his permanent legacy. A retrospective study of his words and behavior would indicate a sexually predatory mindset even without taking recent allegations and witness accounts into consideration.

The BBC question is appalling. The more ethical question is whether it is trying to justify abuse it concealed and even permitted as something best buried. There is just something so tellingly close to abuse justification displayed in their choice of words.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Some of the media appear to miss the point of investigating child abuse that has happened some time ago, especially when the perpetrator has died, but the bigger issue is to ensure it is not continued.

Those who knew of a perpetrator of child abuse and either allowed them to avoid being charged, or helped them conceal it (because they were also one!) or wanted it covered up for other reasons, they are just as guilty as the perpetrators for concealing, their silence does not give the abuse victim any closure and lets other abusers think its okay, if I get caught my mate will not let anything happen to me. Worse still, would be those who not only know and cover up, but then use that knowledge to blackmail someone into doing something they may not have wished to have done.

A full COI with the strongest TOR is what is required in Jersey and those guilty should be locked up as an example!!

There may well be many abuse victims who may not have any recourse as the abuser may be dead, but they may get an element of closure if it was found that their earlier complaints were not dealt with correctly due to a cover up. A strong investigation, may find that the person who helped cover up had a hidden secret as well, and so on.

Anyone who says why bother with Savile, educate them. Cover ups are wrong and perhaps an AG could be complicit in such a cover up by claiming there was insufficient evidence or not in the public interest, whereas there may well have been sufficient evidence but was not in the interest of some people.

Anyone who says attitudes were different in the 1970's is either a child abuser or a child abuser cover up merchant.

I know of a person who was (16) charged for having under-age consensual sex with his 14 year old girlfriend and put on probation because her father did not like him. She was reluctant to admit anything.

The year was 1975.

So in 1975 when Savile was 49yrs old, interfering/raping girls non consensually, we are asked to believe it was okay, what planet are these people on!!!!

I do agree that it was different then, in as much as it was more likely to be covered up then than it is now. So bring on the openess, bring on those who now know they will be listened too, tell the world if you know of a cover up.

Ian Evans said...

Some of those commenters have some BALLS

Anonymous said...

One day you will see how important it is that you archived this evidence on line. Any one researching the history of this sad coverup can find this blog and be able to make up there own mind not depending on what State Media decides we should believe. Don't give up.

Anonymous said...

Will you be covering and recording Lenny Harper on Channel 4? His could be a big story off the Island.

rico sorda said...

Lenny Harper on tonight after 10.30pm can you record it you star.

thejerseyway said...

Hi Anon..

Lenny Harper on Channel 4, can you tell me details.


Anonymous said...

What an extraordinary addition your work is to the library of truth

The other blogs and the forum PJ write words that although very topical and relevant will take a lot of work in the future to unravel.

Your recorded contribution is there, real, in perfect time, logged and cannot be denied by the politicians.

Possibly or probably in a few years time when there are knocks on the door and evidence needed, your work is outside of Government control.

The perfect record.