Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Mr Harper Interviewed on Radio 5.

Mr Lenny Harper was interviewed last night on Radio 5 in connection with Jimmy Savile. Have a Listen to what he says Here.

Jimmy Savile visited the Care Homes in Jersey many times, so who knew over here what he was getting up too. Did the BBC know?


Anonymous said...

Now BBC Jersey are reporting something like- 'the SOJP haven't had anyone new come forward despite what national papers and Lenny are saying.'

Perhaps it might just occur to BBC Jersey that based on how the police and Jersey sorted things out after Lenny left, may be victims have decided to find alternative police authorities to report to?
It's only a theory .... but if true- speaks volumes about the calibre of Jersey's repuation in respect to justice.

Anonymous said...

If survivors of Jimmy Savile's abuse could choose to go directly to another organization and bypass the coverup police hired by a coverup government in an island that regularly dismisses victims, why not?

The fact that abuse survivors are bypassing the Jersey Police is more a statement about the Police than the accuser. It took Lenny Harper years to earn and maintain the trust of Jersey abuse survivors and witnesses, because Jersey Police in the past had dismissed their abuse allegations.

The fact that the BBC Jersey, a supposed NEWS organization, brings this up is consistent with their obvious pattern of active disrespect for the feelings of victims. It is consistent with BBC Jersey's Jon Gripton asking listeners to weigh future charitable contributions against the need to report and analyze what is very compelling news. Yes, news! News about decades of predatory sexual assaults against vulnerable children with BBC complicity.

BBC and any other news organization should know something about crimes like these and victim behaviour. If not, they are too ignorant to be handling this topic on the air. What is Mr Gripton thinking? The eyes of the National media are on BBC already, for the same attitude he displays.

Jimmy Savile is all but unknown outside the British Isles, but the mighty BBC is known everywhere. The story of BBC involvement and coverup and this persistent Jersey complicity could lead to as much media coverage as the original HDLG story of 2008.

Anonymous said...

"Now BBC Jersey are reporting something like- 'the SOJP haven't had anyone new come forward despite what national papers and Lenny are saying."

It is the job of BBC Jersey to investigate why Victims don't report this to Jersey police. State Media don't have to even ask the victims they could ask the people who have compassion for victims. We know why. Why don't BBC know why. Ignorant B******s.

Anonymous said...

BBC Jersey went 'native' (to use a Syvret term) a long time ago but since 2008, HDLG and all that, its a lot more obvious to everyone.

Anonymous said...

No surprise that BBC Jersey went native. But the surprise is BBC National not cracking down on how obvious it is at a time like this. BBC Jersey is still adding to the evidence of bias every day.

Anonymous said...

BBC Jersey forgot to remember there sea change.

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